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Shelton Komo
“The foundation,, is a nonprofit started by skydivers to raise money to fight lupus. The fundraising was good but the weather didn’t allow the skydivers to try to set a Pacific Northwest record with a 70-person leap simultaneously from four airplanes.”

King5 News 
“Northwest skydivers are going to great heights to raise money in the fight against lupus. They gathered for the “Leap for Lupus” in Shelton Sunday. One of the skydivers has the disorder, which affects the immune system. KING 5 photojournalist Ron Sanford shows us the event that has special significance.”


The Chronicle 
I spoke with Valinda Mitchell, the creator of Leap for Lupus. She too has lupus and has been skydiving for 20 years, hoping to raise money to find a cure. Mitchell has had a rough go with her lupus as well. She has had lung hemorrhaging and kidney problems, to the extent she was told there was no way to pull her out of her lupus attack and there was nothing left they could do for her.She was put into a coma for a week so her body could rest. But she used her will to live and pulled herself out. Mitchell is an awesome woman, and with this event will find a cure for us someday. All proceeds from the jump go toward research for a cure. One day that will happen. I know it will; it has to.” (picture)
There have been no new drugs or therapies in 40 years, Lysa told me. Valinda almost died, she adds, and eight months later she was setting the record.”


Blue Skies Magazine
“Today, most people meeting Valinda can’t tell that she struggles with a chronic, debilitating disease like lupus. Kelly Farrington, owner of Velocity Sports Equipment, says, “I can’t remember ever seeing her down about anything; she just does what needs to be done.


Seattle Skydivers   
“Before being put on the ventilator Valinda reached over to her husband, John, and gave him the usual skydiving handshake they always give each other on the way out the airplane door at altitude. She couldn’t speak but wanted to let him know, as always, that she’d see him on the ground safe and sound at the end of the dive.”

Sequim Gazette   
“Local dentist Brian Juel defied death for a good cause – his daughter Brianna. Juel jumped out of an airplane at 13,000 feet Sunday, Aug. 23, above Sanderson Field in Shelton as part of the Leap for Lupus Foundation, a sky-diving group that donates all proceeds from its sky dives to lupus research at the University of Washington’s rheumatology department. “