Make your own Leap!

You can make a tandem skydive for free by raising $500 or more for the Leap for Lupus Foundation.  It’s easy to do!  To get started, email and see if there is a skydiving center near you that will be willing to help you make the leap!

 click-here-button-300x149(3) and get started on your campaign!  All of the money we gather from this goes to Lupus research at the University of Washington Lupus research department.  For these skydives a small portion does go to pay for the skydive but we generally get a discount since we are a charity and the jump centers get a tax deduction for their donation.  The more money you raise, the more goes to finding a cure!  Help us find a cure and make a leap for Lupus!


Frequently asked Questions about making a Leap for Lupus

Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Watch this video for a good explanation.

Because it’s there from Simon Young on Vimeo.

I can’t do this because I’m afraid of heights.

Actually the fear of heights doesn’t really factor into skydiving.  Not like you’d think anyway.  You’d be surprised how many professional skydivers there are that have height fears.    If you’ve even but up in a commercial airplane and looked out the window you’ll understand.  The fear of heights doesn’t come into play until your much closer to the ground!  And by then you’re under a parachute and coming down so slowly that it won’t affect that fear unless your tandem master makes a steep turn close to the ground.  To solve this problem, just ask whoever takes you not to make steep turns close to the ground.  Problem solved!

Is there a big dropping sensation when you jump?

No, not really.  You see, as you exit the airplane, the plane is still flying about 80 miles an hour.  If you’ve ever rolled down your car window when you’re on the freeway going 80 miles and hour and stuck your hand out into the wind, you’ll understand.  That wind has a big force to it and you’re sticking your whole body out into it!  It actually feels like that wind is holding you up and you’re floating.  With the most amazing view you’ve ever seen!

Does the parachute jerk up really fast when it opens?

No.  If you see that in a video, it’s because the cameraman keeps falling.  Your parachute opens and you swing under it as you slow down.

What should I wear when I make a skydive?

Wear comfortable clothing, jeans and a T-shirt.  Don’t wear a shirt with a collar.  Wear sports shoes or ones that can tie on tightly.  The jump center you go to will most likely give you a jumpsuit to wear and goggles.  Do not wear jewelry that may come off.  Leave all items such as cell phones, wallets, and car keys on the ground in a safe place.  Things have a habit of exiting pockets when you exit the plane.  You’ll never see them again.

When I finish raising my $500, how do I make my skydive?

Make sure that you’ve previously contacted and you’ve made sure there is a jump center in your area or you are willing to travel to one.  Once you’ve reached your campaign goal, send another email and let us know!  But most likely we’re watching your campaign and have contacted you already!  We’ll set up a skydive to fit your schedule and you show up to the jump center at that time.  Make sure you get there a little early as there will be paper work to fill out.  Then you make your jump!!

Is there video or pictures available for the skydive?

Most jump centers do have video and pictures, or both available to you at an additional cost.  I highly recommend getting this option but it’s not necessary.  A lot of people are really overwhelmed the first time they jump out of a perfectly good airplane so it’s nice to have video/pictures of it so you can remember.

For all other questions feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to answer them.