Leap for Lupus 2014 Event

We will be updating this page soon with photos and happenings of this year’s Leap for Lupus event that just happened.  Keep watching….

A big Thank you to Gus Donk of Quality Cold Transportation, who got our Salmon for the dinner on the 16th!  WE LOVE YOU GUS!  Gus is a long time skydiver who has provided the salmon for our dinners for  many years!  If you see him at the event, please tell him “Thank You!”

And Thank you to all of the people that came out to support us this year!!  We had a record number of people this year and it was so fun to see new faces!




Leap for Lupus is an all volunteer foundation. Any costs for running the foundation come out of personal pockets.  So you can be assured that 100% of all money gathered goes directly to the Lupus department of research at the University of Washington.