This was the first year that the Leap for Lupus event was held.  At that time we hadn’t formed a Foundation yet and it was just a big fund raiser.  Just seven months after Valinda had almost died of Lupus the skydiving community rallied to help find new drugs or a cure.  At this event we set the new Northwest Women Record skydive with 25 women in a butterfly formation over Bremerton Washington.  We took the next couple year off to form a foundation and find a worthy researcher that we could put the money towards.


jump_for_lupus_001 jump_for_lupus_011 jump_for_lupus_013 jump_for_lupus_014 jump_for_lupus_017 jump_for_lupus_024 jump_for_lupus_038 jump_for_lupus_046 jump_for_lupus_057 jump_for_lupus_058 jump_for_lupus_087 jump_for_lupus_090 Women's Way 007