Leap for Lupus 2017

Leap for Lupus is a non-Profit Foundation.  100% of all funds we gather goes directly to medical research to help find a cure.  We are a grass roots operation run totally by volunteer skydivers.  All of the foundations needs come out of personal pockets rather than your donation.  We’re serious about finding a cure for lupus.  We hope you are too!  Please donate or make your own skydive and help us find a cure!


People are starting to make their Leaps!  If you’d like to make your own Free Tandem Skydive and help find a cure for Lupus contact valinda@leapforlupus.org to find out how!  Here’s Val making her 2nd Free Skydive.  Yes that’s right!  You can do it as  many times as you want!



The Leap for Lupus Foundation is dedicated to funding medical research into the causes of and treatments for Lupus. We are a self funded foundation run by volunteers. 100% of all donations goes to the University of Washington Lupus research department where they are making great strides in lupus research.






Do you want to help make a difference?





The Tacoma News Tribune and The Olympian  and the Bellingham Herald ran news articles on the Leap for Lupus recently.  Check it out!





We use skydiving to gain attention to, and help find a cure for lupus.  You can make a skydive and help find a cure!  Attend our Event August 16th or just donate!  Hopefully soon, with your help, we’ll find a cure for so many people that live with lupus every day.